I May Have A Bowel Movement Every 7 To 10 Days And A Lot Of Cramping In Lower Stomach, That Does Go Away After Bowel Movement. Should I Be Concerned?


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You should go to a doctor, if its that bad.
You could have IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) I recommend eating lots of fruit, vegetables , drink lots of water and other liquids , also , eat wheat toast for breakfast , also oatmeal can help make your bowels regulate .
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You should be, people's bodies are programmed, so to speak, to go every day, or at least every other day. It could be that you're constipated, and that isn't healthy. You should go and see a doctor.
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You may be compacted. You have water in your Stools (bodily wastes), and when you get dehydrated, the Stool will harden, and very painful! It was awful!! Your stomach will feel like a rock, but you can get a colonoscopy, or you may need your bowels cleansed.
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Drink Metamucil to get the fiber you are missing. I too think it's Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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