Will A Lack Of Potassium Cause Severe Cramping And What Can I Do About It Immediately?


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Here are some foods that are high in potassium, potatoes, orange juice, bananas, broccoli, avocados, apricots, tomatoes, and soybeans. There is potassium in a large variety of foods, fruit, veggies, and meats. But with the ones I mentioned, it will get into your system with the most amount of potassium.
Might not sound like the most flavorable breakfast, but eat some potatoes, a banana, and some orange juice for breakfast, or heck, even for dinner. Depending on how low you are in potassium, you should quickly recover. Make sure you are taking in plenty of water to aid in absorption.
If you get to the point that you feel like you are wanting to vomit all the time, then you need to go to a doctor, because this means that you are probably very low, and will need the full force of 400mg or more of it. I speak from experience, I don't store it very well and I go through this all the time, to the point of being at lethal levels, and I get sick like this. Hope this helps, best of luck to you.
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May I suggest you take snacks to work and every couple of hours eat a little by the end of your working day you would benefit from this if you ate bananas sometimes in the day that would be even better and remember to drink plenty of fluids 2 litres a day is the recommended
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Cramping is a tell tell sign of low potassium. YOu should talk with your dr to see what you should do cause there  could be an underlying factor causing the llow potassium. Hey eat a banana 1 a day for a week its a easy way!!!  Good luck psl rate
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Yes potassium deficiency can result in sluggishness, cramps etc. You should replace with a banana diet which is rich in potassium , lots of fluid especially in the form of lemonade and if still not cured consult your physician who might recommend an intravenous potassium injection.
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Snack such as bananas and apricot nector which are high in potassium are recommended because.....
A) electrolytes are lost through fever
b)diarrhea is a common problem
c)snacks help fight fatigue
potassium help fight infection
above all choices which one is best answer please help
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I just had another drop in potassium and I have to say that this time the joint pain that I have had has been pretty bad. Especially in my shoulder, wrist and knee joints. Have they found the underline reason for your low potassium...they are having a hard time figuring out my case.

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