I Have Been Getting Extremely Bad Cramping In Both My Feet Lately, What Could This Be?


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Bad cramping in the legs can be due to a number of causes. Some are fairly harmless yet other reasons are a lot more serious. It is therefore highly advisable that you head to your doctors as soon as possible.

The doctor will most likely ask you to talk through when you get the cramping, how long it lasts for and how frequent it is. This will help the doctor to narrow down what the cause of the cramping may be.

A lot of people suffer cramps in their legs and this is due to the leg normally being in one position for too long. This can cut off the blood circulation and so the leg goes 'dead' or can have sharp sudden pain; which is a form of cramping.

If this only happens every so often then it is not a great issue. One way to try and avoid this is if you know you will be sitting somewhere for a while then try and do some leg exercises and stretches. This will help keep the blood flowing and avoid the pain and discomfort of cramps.

A more serious reason people start getting leg cramps is the onset of Multiple Sclerosis; often called MS. This affects the nerve endings that are connected to the brain and it becomes ever more debilitating.

As stated earlier it is best to check with your doctor as soon as you are able to. This should help put your mind at rest that you don't have anything more serious than leg cramps.
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Few people know this, but being low on potassium can cause cramping as much as dehydration can, eat a banana every day for about a week, and eat some potatoes also. Both are very high in potassium. Hope this helps.
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I am not hundred per cent sure about your problem. Only the complete check up can tell the real story. The cramping can be because of weakness but to know the reason of weakness a complete check up is required. You shouldn't wait at home but to consult with a doctor immediately to get proper advice.
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I still suspect that this is due to dehydration. The drinking of water will not solve your problem. In dehydration not only water is lost but also the important salts as well causing electrolyte imbalance. I advise you to drink a glass of water with pint of table salt and juice of half lemon three times a day. Also check your sugar levels.
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Yes having a bottle of water next to you doesn't help much unless you drink all of it and get another. Try the sports drinks or take a little salt and eat something with potassium in it, like an orange or potatoes. I get this a lot , due to dehydration, simply because I get too busy to think about my fluids. I also have a bottle of water on my desk and find that I often drink about half of it in 3 or 4 hours which is not enough fluid and those foot cramps remind me at night. When I get them I just have to walk them off, but now I do it with a bottle of gatoraide too.
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This is exactly my problem. I went and got it checked out, and they did X-rays and MRI's but yet they said nothing was wrong. And I didn't go any further than that. I just took a whole volleyball season off, and it go much better.
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I have no idea what makes any muscle cramp up. If it is bothersome see a podiatrist. I get muscle cramps all the time
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I agree with all of the above.
Some people prefer bananas as the best source for potassium. I'm one, and I eat a banana every single day.

If you do a lot of sitting in one place, try doing some stretching exercise. Get up and stand on your bare toes and do some ankle twists. (No one will notice.) Or walk around a bit to get that circulation going. Avoid drafts hitting your legs if you can. Dancers always wear leg-warmers when they are not active. Switch to loose-fitting slippers under the desk, if possible. Those high-heels are killers.

One quick cure is to use a hand-held hair dryer on the cramp. The hot air loosens the cramped muscles rather quickly, and the pain goes away. Not very convenient in the office, but if you're in pain, well... Hot coffee wiil probably do the trick, but I've never tried it.
Good luck.
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There are a lot of different things. I get these cramps in my feet at time where the foot just curls-up, usually when I'm sleeping and it locks in the position. It is very painful. I believe it is because I had ripped all the tendons and cartilage in my foot a number of years ago and it is the after affects of the injury. If you have never had a serious injury to your foot you should probably see a podiatrist or other doctor about the problem. The feet can sometimes give indicators of more serious problems with the body. People don't think about just how valuable the feet are but they get very little credit for what they do in one's life daily! Until they can't use them.

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