Which Part Of Our Brain Makes Us Sleep And Why Do We Sleep?


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The part of the brain that makes us sleep (I'm only guessing) is the part that controls are body. We sleep to repair. In our sleep, our hair, legs, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, skin, arms, tummy, toes, fingers, nails everything except our eyes grows. Your body needs time to repair the scab on your knee, your heart that John or Micala broke yesterday, Your migrane, your throbbing back or arm etc.
We also sleep to rest. We need at LEAST 8 hours, teens need 9 and kids need about 11. If you can, get as much as twelve. You'll look really, really good.
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Michael Sholar answered
The ventrolateral preoptic area produces neurotransmitters that InhIbIt the parts of oyour braIn that cayouse wakefyoulness.

Why we sleep has been an active question for some time and it still is an area of active research.  Lately it has become clear that sleep in very important in mental function and in particular, long term memory formation.  During sleep our brains apparently consolidate memories/experiences from the wakeful period before that.  Memory of events, improvement in skills, and general cognitive function are improved by sleep.  Sleep is apparently the time when physical brain changes occur.

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