What Are The Repercussions If External Hemorrhoids Are Left Untreated? Do They Disappear By Themselves?


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sharon scott answered
They will not disappear but can go in like remission as to not be painful or noticeable
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Mehreen Misbah answered
If someone who has been suffering from external hemorrhoids has had a severe dose of them, it is pretty much an established conclusion that the hemorrhoids are there to stay with the person for the majority period of his life. The degree of their severity and size may differ nevertheless they are going to stay intact.

Some people do recommend and even employ he option of surgery in order to get rid of external hemorrhoids however as far as general perceptions go, surgery is categorized as quite a messy and complicated process in the case of removal of external hemorrhoids. However there are some ways to control the growth of external hemorrhoids.

For example, one should never force or exert strain upon bowel muscles or bowel movements. Moreover the diet pattern should be so that would not contribute towards constipation. Also the frequency of hot and soaking baths becomes a wonderful source of healer for all those people who are suffering from external hemorrhoids.

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