Can Asthma Eventually Go Away?


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Asthma is a disease that will Never Go Away, but it Can Be Controlled and there are a number of ways through which you can improve your life with asthma. You don't have to worry that much because there are millions of people around the world that have asthma and are living a normal and healthy life. You need to find appropriate asthma treatment which would consist of controlling your environment and taking medication or natural remedies. So consult a good specialist and take his advise about medication and precautions.
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Your right as it can go away,keep that year in your mind. Every 7 years your body changes. Avoid  bleach, ammonia,cleansers, pet dander, and don't have a a lot  of expoisure  to them .  If you got one dog thats your llimit, no more or may trigger thing you may want to learn is to have a breath in first before you swollow drink,or food. It will keep any drips or pieces of food from going down the wrong pipe. Excersize
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Yes sometime it dose but it depends how bad you have got it
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I also got asthma for the first time as part of a pneumonia attack - I was well into adulthood. Since then I only get asthma when I have a flu or as an allergic response, mainly to dust mites. For me it seems to go through cycles, and I don't normally take medication - just a reliever as needed.
What I would say is: Don't be scared as panic makes it worse. Always carry a reliever-inhaler and then you'll feel in control.
Talk about it to your doctor or a nurse.
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Yes children often grow out of asthma my daughter was a chronic asthmatic but she is 19 now and totally clear but I have been diagnosed with it recently keep away from animals get a food allergy test done because food is one of the biggest triggers also grass
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ASTHMA CAN SOMETIMES go away as when you are growing your body changes every 7 yrs approx so your asthma can go away but at the same time it can also come back after 7 yrs away

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