Can You Get HIV From A Small Cut On Your Finger?


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That depends on what scratched you. In general HIV is only transmitted through body fluids. If you scratched yourself with a hypodermic needle that was used on an infected person it is possible but if a person with HIV scratched you and they did not have an open sore and rubbed it on the fresh scratch it is very unlikely
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It is possible, but it is not in all cases.
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I'm afraid
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If you have contact with another person who has an open wound and it makes contact with your cut finger, yes you can contract the virus. They still have not been able to prove it being transferred by saliva. If you have the cut on your finger and you are near a person who has HIV who does not have any open wounds. No. It's just from the contact wound on wound.
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My understanding is that if a person has aids, or HIV then body fluids (of any kind) gets into the cut, yes.
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I had sex with prostitute with condom but If you have contact with another person who has an open cute cam I have a hiv virus

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