Can You Get HIV/AIDS If A Person With AIDS Spits In Your Eye? What If The Spit Entered Through A Cut On My Lip? Is That A Possible Exposure? 


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Based on the scenario you described, I'd say your chances of contracting HIV are very slim.

Here are the reasons why:

Could I have caught HIV?

The HIV virus is transmitted through contact with the following bodily fluids:

  • blood
  • semen
  • pre-seminal fluid
  • vaginal secretions
  • breast milk
The virus can infect a person if infected fluid comes in contact with:

  • Cuts or sores
  • Cuts in the mouth
  • Lining of the vagina
  • Opening of the penis
  • Lining of the anus/rectum
Have I been infected with HIV?
Based on the above information, it is highly unlikely that you'd be infected by the virus in the scenario you described.

The only way it is feasible that someone spitting on you might infect you with HIV is if there is a significant amount of blood in the saliva of the person doing the spitting.

If this spit came in contact with an open cut or sore on your lip, then there is a small chance the virus would be able to transfer into your system.

If you are genuinely worried that this may have happened, I'd suggest you contact your local sexual health information service and get some advise about HIV testing in your area.
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The answer is NO - since spit cannot transmit HIV.

There would have to be visible blood in the saliva for this to happen.

It is so remotely possible that I wouldn't advise getting tested for this.
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Probably because it got into a cut which carries blood, so get checked out.

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