What Does Liver Cancer Look Like?


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Liver might seem like a death sentence, but it's not.  I have had it for the last 15 years and still do.  When you have liver cancer you can sometimes leak acities fuild into your abdomen.  When this happens your stomach stretches and then you must have it removed by what is called a paracenthesis procedure.  This is painful since this procedure occurs by inserting a long needle into the stomach cavity where the fluid is located in order to remove it.  Some people sometimes can have upto 17 liters of fluid floating around in their stomach, which can make a person appear pregnant.  As for treatment, you can undergo radiation with chemotherapy treatments, or either one individually.  However, most treatments do cause you to lose your hair.  If you happen to get a liver transplant then you will always have to be under doctors supervision since you will be taking a life time supply of medications so that the new liver doesn't get rejected by your body since it is a foreign organ inside that your body is not accustomed to having.

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