What Does Skin Cancer Look Like?


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Any  change  of  skin  color  and / or  skin
pigment    can   be  signs  of    skin cancer
Also   certain skin  conditions  that  won't
heal  can  be  a  sign  of  skin cancer
Most  times  skin  cancer   will  appear  on
the   nose   and  the  back  , Sometimes
moles  and  warts  that  won't  heal  can
sometimes   lead  to  skin  cancer concerns
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There are two forms of skin cancers: melanomas and non-melanomas. They both look different and are treated different too. Non-melanomas skin cancer is more common than any other type of cancer. It grows from skins cells other than the cells that create the brown pigments that give our skin its colour. Initially, they look like small burnt marks. It only occurs on sun exposed area like head and neck. Melanomas cancer, on the other hand, is developed by the same cells that give our skin its colour. This cancer can occur anywhere on the body. They look a little like non melanomas marks but are likely to spread to other parts of the body.
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My husband has a reasonably large area on his left leg that is brownish looking and is rough to the touch . Should he have it looked at?

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