What Is The End Stage Brain Cancer?


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My sister was drained,no energy,sick all the time,hooked up to pain killers and a bag for her urine,her nurse friends would come over and turn her constantly so she would not get fluid build up in her lungs and nausia medicine for what chemo she could handle..from I what I want to remember she lasted about a month before she was very fast for me ,but I have no idea what it felt like for her...she was a oncology nurse so she knew exactly what was going to happen to her before it did...I was kinda of glad she went fast and did not suffer more than she had to .that may sound strange but I believe God spared her from a lot of suffering....I actually believe it is harder for the ones left behind after it is all said and done....the family will either stay together or drift apart...I suggest you and your family get counseling or get into a therapy group hopefully faith based/with a help cope with what is going on...I really hope this helps...

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