What To Expect With Stage 3b Adenocarcinoma ?


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Lung cancer stage 3b means that the cancer has left the lung area and spread into the body tissue near the place in the area in which it started. This could mean it has penetrated the chest wall or diaphragm, the lymph nodes that are nearby or those further away from the area of the lung that is affected, or it could be the area around the heart. The tumor may have grown into the windpipe or the esophagus. There could be fluid collecting around the area of the lung where the tumor is situated.

Lung cancer stage 3b means that it is no longer operable. That means you will want to look at other treatment options that may be worth considering. It may also mean that you simply want good pain management and you will do no ore when it comes to treatments. This is a conversation that you and your oncologist should have to find the best solution for you.

Life expectancy depends on when your lung cancer is diagnosed. Of course the closer to stage 1 the better chance of survival, and although lung cancer stage 3b is not looking quite as rosy never give up hope and always explore all your treatment options both conventional and non conventional.

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Dear Ann,
Please tell your husband to never give up hope. My Husband was diagnosed with stage 3b small cell Lung Cancer 2 days after he retired at the age of 62 in Dec. 2000. He also never smoked. However, he worked for a printing company for 45 years. They are not able to remove the tumor because it spread to the lymph nodes. They gave him 3 to 4 mos. Now more than 2 yrs. Later the Dr's said the tumor is stable. Didn't grow or shrink. We just celebrated out 40th wedding anniversary. I never thought we would. If you need to talk to sometime, please send me a message. Take care, I will keep you both in my prayers.
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My wife has stage 3b lung cancer and just turned 42. She was diagnosed about 10 months ago. I am confused about statistics and outlook. What do I expect next to best help her? She is just receiving chemo every 3 weeks and is experiencing tingling on her toes and fingers and felling like she has a sunburn. She gets very tired but tries to get up everyday for a while. The Dr says that the chemo is maintaining her cancer.
How might this progress to next steps? How long before her body becomes immune to the chemo?
Please help me I love her so very much.
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I also have stage 3b adenocarinoma. The tingling in the oes and sunburn feeling in the feet (could also affect hands) is called nuropathy. It is caused by the chemo drugs. The coating on the nerves is destroyed by the chemo. I have it too. Lyrica is VERY effective at easing any pain (the sunburn feeling and intermittent stabbing in the feet). It is non-narcotic. I will give more in another post
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The stage 3 lung cancer is divided in to 2 parts. 3A and 3B. 3b is also called non small cell lung cancer. Its symptoms includes cough, sputum, back pain, shoulder pain, appetite loss, weight loss, memory loss, swelling on face, headaches, shorten breathing, wheezing etc. This stage is not operable. Only chemotherapy and radiotherapy is used.
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Please do not leave comments in a general direction. Stage 3b does not mean that the cancer has spread, however it has progressed. It can still be contained and curable. Do not read a forum to get answers, most people are giving opinions and not knowledge.
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I am dubious that lung cancer at stage 3B is curable as the previous person posting insinuates. Do he/she have any medical statistics to support this contention.
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I'm sorry to hear that about your dad. I lost 2 very dear friends to this same disease 3 years ago. Unfortunately, at this stage, it will be very short and painful for all. You and your family should look into a health care nurse to come into the home to help with your dad. He is going to need pain meds. And routine dr. Visits. I wish you all the very best of luck and I will be praying for all of you.

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