Why Do Women Need To Get A Breast Ultrasound?


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Doctors look at what is referred to as the density (the thickness of something or how close together the cells are) of what they see on the film after they've done any testing. Those wanting to do an ultrasound may mean that something inside the breast may have been positioned in such a way that they don't know absolutely so by doing the ultrasound it will give them more information.

I wouldn't worry. The doctor's are just being thorough. You know sometimes when a mom is getting an ultrasound on her unborn baby they are positioned in such a way that you can't tell certain things. Like if the baby is a boy or a girl. Or sometimes what you're looking at seems like it pointing to the fact that she's having a girl but the baby was positioned just right that you couldn't see things that are determining factors in what sex the baby is. It's nothing bad it's just circumstances.

Hold on to hope and know the doctors are doing what they need to help your sister. It's hard not to worry. I know. Your sister needs your support so try to help her laugh. That will help a lot. Take care

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