What Foods Should You Eat With Pancreatic Cancer?


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I hope you find this helpful. I have this cancer. It was found by accident in the 3rd. Week of Jan. This year. It's the sneakiest and most aggressive cancer you can get. I had it for 6 yrs. Before it was diagnosed. Check (google) Johns Hopkins. They have a site for this cancer. It presents in so many ways that unless a Dr. Is looking for it, it will be just one more cold, bone ache, whatever. How it affects you and where it is in the pancreas makes a wold of difference in your diet. Are you diabetic? Mine is in the head of the pancreas, the tumour is nearly an in. In diameter. All the treatment for it is closed off to me. I have to rely on vitamins, food supplements and making eating a 24 hr. Day job. I've had 2 expiry dates so far. The last one was for this July or this August. I'm still here. If you let it, the depression will kill you. I recently found a ray of hope. It's called glutathione. There is some proof that it can fight cancer, any kind. You can probably get it in tablets or caps at a health food store. But the place it's found is in asparagus. It's the strongest anti-oxicidant ever. It treats a lot of different things. If you make your own, fresh or frozen asparagus, steamed til just done, pureed. Two tablespoons twice a day. You can measure and freeze it in icecube trays. In the pan diet vegetables,8 to 10 servings per day, fruit, the same. Lots of people can't digest fat. There's an enzyme you can get that contains, amylase and lipase, the 2 things that my pancrease doesn't produce enough of. Ilost 2 pounds but managed to gain it back. It's hard work but it can be done.Google glutathione, I have,any hope is better than none. I wish you well.My spelling may be off a bit.But look,I found it and you can too.

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