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Is body scratching part of the early symptoms of HIV.
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Someone I know was diagnosed with HIV eight years ago.  How does it take for HIV to switch over to Aids and how will I know?
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There has never been any medical proof and you can't find any medical documentation that says that hiv causes aids.
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HIV is a virus that MAY preclude AIDS. You can have HIV and not even know it for years. A scratchy throat can be anything viral. See a doctor to have it cultured to find out what is "scratching" your throat. If you fear HIV then tell the doctor that and he will do a blood test to find out.
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Does your mouth taste salty and your teeth hurts and your feet burns and tingle when you have hiv
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HIV depletes CD4+ Cells of the immune system making the body unable to defend itself from other pathogens e.g TB,Pneumonia e.t.c
There is proof of HIV causes aids which is the inability of the body to defend itself.

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