Can Kidney Stones Cause A Low White Blood Cell Count?


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No, a white blood cell count is not often related to kidney stones.

Instead, when a doctor tests your blood for suspected kidney stones, he'll look for substances like calcium - which can crystallize and form stones.

White blood cell count and kidney stones 

Despite this, a low white blood cell count might be an indication that something other than kidney stones is wrong with your body.

White blood cells are created in your bone marrow and lymph nodes - and are an important part of your immune system. If you've got a low white blood cell count, then you're at greater risk of infection and illness.

This is because your body uses different types of white blood cells to fight off viruses, bacteria, and fungus.

Without wanting to scare you, there are a number of very serious conditions that can cause a white blood cell level to drop. These include:

  • Leukemia
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Aplastic anemia
  • HIV

A white blood cell count can also be affected by certain types of medication, including steroids.

If you're worried about your white blood cell count, I'd recommend visiting your doctor for a proper diagnosis.
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Muhammad Nadeem answered
No, kidney stones do not cause low white blood count.

It can be due to autoimmune diseases, bone marrow failure, and liver or spleen disorders.

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