What Are The Early Symptoms Of Disease Caused By HIV?


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HIV is the abbreviation of Human immunodeficiency virus. This is the disease, which can be sexually transmitted from one person to another person. In the early stages of the infection by virus antibodies are produced in the body of the infected person. Antibodies can be formed with in the six-week to the 12 weeks. In the early stages a patient can face the flu, skin problem, high fever and lymph node infection.

In most of the patients early symptoms do not appear only a test can detect the HIV positive report. That is the reason then a person can easily affect the other person with the disease and also his baby. When HIV spread then the symptoms can be shown easily. This disease damages the immune system that the body cannot defend against disease. When infection last about 10 to 15 years old then this disease, which is known as, Aids cannot be cure. Now the infection is incurable but in early stages it is possible to get cure.

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