How Long Do The Early Symptoms Of HIV Last?


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Nearly everyone people just this minute infected with the HIV virus give you an idea about few, if at all, symptoms for a small number of years. Other than during this asymptomatic phase, HIV is dynamically multiplying, infecting, and killing cells in the protected system, particularly CD4+ T cells. People are extremely infectious during this in the in the early hours hours phase. As the invulnerable system weakens, symptoms start on to emerge. Early Symptoms of HIV contaminations a quantity of people, but not all, expand symptoms within a month or two of introduction to HIV. These people perhaps will have a flu-like illness with such symptoms at the identical time as:

skin complaint
defeat of appetite
Swollen glands (enlarged lymph nodes)

Achy potency and joints. These are in put up the shutters proximity to the commencement symptoms supplementary often than not fade away within a week in the direction of a month. Most HIV-infected people who knowledge these early symptoms won't observe any more signs of the disease for at smallest amount a small number of years.
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Hiv symptoms are with you for life .
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Incubation is typically asymptomatic for 10-20 years, then full-blown AIDS kicks in.
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If I sleep-ed with some in 2005 and I get tested in 2006 or 2007 and gave birth in 2006 and tested negative is it a chance I meet have it
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Tobe completely honest I don't think it does stop sorry its a weird case of std so I would go to the doctors if I were you
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Is it possible the symptoms of HIV last for 11 or 12 weeks? In this period the symptoms go away and come back several times?

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