What Is The Role Of Diet And Exercise In Controlling Hypertension And Diabetes?


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When you have diabetes, you have to control the amount of sugar and carbohydrates that you ingest, this is because the pancreas either produces no insulin, or not enough. If the pancreas is producing a ;little insulin you can be diet controlled. If your pancreas is not producing any insulin you need to inject it before eating and moderate the food intake to match the insulin, this can only be done by the doctor and dietitian.  You need to stick very strictly to a diet to help prevent problems with heart disease and blindness etc. With hypertension you need to be on a low fat diet, also low salt. Low salt because salt makes high blood pressure worse, low fat because the more obese you are the higher your bp, High bp can cause heart disease, strokes etc.  Exercise is always good because it gets the circulation moving. X
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It has been reported that some doctors in the U.S. Now prescribe exercise for various conditions, but experts believe that this is in need of expansion, that exercise should be a priority, not a sideline in treating diabetes and other life altering health conditions. Furthermore, exercise may actually protect against diabetes, and should be an integral part of preventative medicine according to the American Diabetes Association.

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In addition to diet, a regular exercise routine can help patients lose weight and decrease their insulin requirement.

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