Why Is Hypertension Dangerous?


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Hypertension is called silent killer because there are no distinct symptoms. People with high blood pressure may feel pain in the back side of the head and neck after waking up in the morning. Hypertension patient may also feel tiredness, fatigue and nervous tension.
People with faulty life style and under stress, family history, sedentary life style are more prone to hypertension.
Daily exercise, diet low on fat and sodium and rich in fruits, vegetables and potassium and also 2 - 3 cloves of Garlic taken in the morning, help to reduce blood pressure.
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It can be very dangerous, its called the silent killer because you can't tell when your blood pressure is too high! Its very important if you are prone to high blood pressure to check it every day and in both arms. Get a blood pressure cuff and a stetchascope for at home monitering! And see your doctor on a regular bases, and be faithful with diet and medication!...Genaveve
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It will give you a heart attack,it enlarges the heart two times its size,so don't get mad or happy be calm
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Because it can bring to a serious illness or sometimes it can bring to be invalid too, if it happens to people who have high hypertension, so normally, the hypertension people should get the treatment everyday,

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