Stomach Pains And Blood In Stool,What Could This Be?


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I have been up for most of the night with cramp like stomach pains. Usually they go away with some tums or peptobismal, but this has not, My stomach still hurts this morning, and I noticed that My stool was bloody. The blood was bright red.... What could be going on?
Will this pass or should I go see  a doctor?
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Bright red is a good sign. This indicates that the hemorhaging is derived from the rectum or outside the anal wall. Please see your physician to determine the cause whether it be hemmorhoids, IBD (or devetriclitis) which is a weaken wall in the colon.)
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The stomach pain with blood in stool clearly shows an ulcer in stomach. It can also be due to H. Pylori infection. A differential diagnosis about infected and non infected ulcer is required from the doctor. I advise you to visit a Gastroenterologist for proper diagnosis and treatment. For more details, visit Stomach pain.
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There are any number of conditions that can be giving you these symptoms--from very simple (simple constipation) up to being very severe (colon cancer). 
But the blood in stool definitely is not normal and only a doctor can diagnose after doing various tests.
While this site may alarm you more than is necessary, you may want to check out Mayo Clinic's symptom checker for an idea of what it might be and reinforce the need for you to get this checked out sooner rather than not, even if you don't have medical insurance or your insurance isn't that great.  If nothing else, to at least get a doctor's opinion and put yormind at ease.

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