I Am Pooping Out Fresh Blood, Why?


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There could be a number of reasons why you are bleeding when you go to the toilet. The fact that your blood is fresh could give a clue - fissures could be the cause.
Most people at some stage in their life have experienced some form of rectal bleeding. It is quite a common problem, but can be worrisome. You are going to have to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. You should not risk diagnosing yourself in case it is a more serious problem. Bloody stools usually indicate gastrointestinal problems. Rectal bleeding will normally stop by itself and is usually a mild condition. More severe bleeding could be symptoms of something more severe. When it is combined with weakness, dizziness, fatigue or blood pressure being too low, rectal bleeding could indicate a serious problem. If your rectal bleeding is continuous you must visit your doctor so that he can provide the proper treatment.  
Some common causes of rectal bleeding include the following:
Anal fissure:  Your anal lining could often be torn from strained bowel movements or bouts of constipation, causing one or more anal fissures. This could cause a painful bowel movement and bloody stool.
Haemorrhoids:  These can cause bleeding, discomfort and itching. They should not cause a painful bowel movement.
Colitis: This is when the colon will become inflamed because of a viral or bacterial infection. You could experience rectal bleeding, fever, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.
Fistula:  This abnormal canal runs from the skin around your anus to your rectum. When this is present you may experience rectal bleeding.
Diverticulosis:  This is caused by small pockets in the large intestine or the colon. Colon spasms can cause these pockets to grow and cause rectal bleeding.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease:  This is from intestinal inflammation. Common disorders include Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease.
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The red color of the blood indicates problem near to anus which can be due to hemorrhoids or some problem in the rectum. So it is necessary to see a doctor for complete investigations for the diagnosis and treatment.
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This is happening to me to. There is a lot of diarrhea and I have abdominal pains. I started straining on the toilet because I felt constipated I got up and there was a toilet full of blood.
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Whats the color?? Dark?? Pinkish?dry?moist?... It actually differs from color, amount, texture..
Be more specific.. And how long it has been??...
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Go see a doctor immediately. Something might be wrong with your spleen.
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If you've had no recent bout of constipation or have hemorrhoids, you need to be seen by an MD soon. Fresh blood can be from problems in the rectum or something more serious..
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I'm not sure, but there might be a cut or open wound pumping out blood somewhere in your intestines or in your rectum. I would see a doctor ASAP!!!

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