Little Bumps On The Side Of Penis,what Kind Of Std Is It?


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It might just be where your hair will grow
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It may very well be nothing but sebaceous glands (hair
follicles, basically) and nothing to worry about. Genital warts are a
possibility, but if they're tiny little bumps, sometimes whitish, hair
follicles is likely. Could also be a rash. 

A doctor can tell for sure; to
relieve itching, try a top notch penis health cream (health professionals
recommend Man1 Man Oil) with shea butter and vitamin E.

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Could be warts, Do go see a doctor to be sure, catching those early will make your life easier, as they will keep spreading.
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Are you circumcised. Sometimes you could have those fine bumps from not being circumcised. I had those fine bumps in that area and I went to the doctor and he told me that it's just moisture. It comes from moisture and since a person isn't circumsized, they get them easily because of the moisture under the skin. People who are uncircumcised get them too, but it's common in those who aren't. If you are sexually active and seldom wear condoms, you may want to get that checked out just to make sure. If not, them the moisture could be your problem. Some men have more tiny bumps than others. My doctor told me that was normal.

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