Right Side Of Throat Hurts And There Is A Bump Near It. What Could This Mean?


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It depends is the bump on the outside of your neck? If so, you may have mono, which also comes with very bad flu like symptoms, including bad sore throat and lumps/bumps on your neck area. You may want to check this out. If any of this applies to you, see a doctor. I hope I was of some help!!
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Most probably he has got tonsillitis.  A pair of  tonsils is  located one on the each side of throat. Usually bacterial infection cause inflammation of tonsils. This cause pain, inflammation and also fever. The treatment with antibiotics respond quickly. Visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and  treatment. For more information, Visit Tonsillitis.
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I have  a sore throat and its painful for me to swallow... When I looked behind my throat to see what was wrong I found a red spot that wasn't there before. What could it be?

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