What Are The Chances Of Getting HIV After 15 Years Of Unprotected Sex With An Infected Spouse?


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My son almost died from denial that he was HIV...after 15 yrs he was taken to hospital his result was full blown aids, T-cell count of 25. His wife of 7 yrs says she was tested and her results are is this possible with unprotected sex. Also, he has chronic Hep B and she says her tests are is this possible. Or a better questions is how rare is this or is she more likely in denial?????
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There is great risk of having HIV infection after having a unprotected sex with HIV infected person. Because the HIV is transmitted by blood transfusion, exchange of sexual fluids during sex and by use of infected syrenges. I advise you to get tested for HIV and start management by having medicines.
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To put your question another way, if somebody stayed for a week in a roomful of people with flu, what is the chance that this person will also catch the flu? It is almost like testing fate. However, I have read that for some people, HIV and AIDS manifests only after so many years and they show no sign. I accompany my friend to the HIV clinic and if I were to meet those patients on the street, I would not a clue that they are HIV positive. They look very strong. I suppose you did not get yourself tested yet that is why you do not know if you are HIV positive or negative. Please get yourself tested.
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The risk is very high, but it is NOT 100%.  Medical studies have found many couples who have practiced unprotected sex for years after one of them was found to be HIV positive and the other partner remained negative for HIV.

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