What Does The Beginning Stage Of A Staph Infection Look Like?


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The Staph infection on the skin appears as a huge lump, with a hole through the center. The surrounding area of the infection will appear red and sore, and most of the time there will be pus and other matter leaking out of the hole.

The infection can also appears as a rash, looking like you have some rather severe acne. It can often be treated and sometimes requires an operation.

  • Symptoms of the Staph infection
The Staph infection, or the Staphylococcal disease of the skin, will usually result in a large collection of pus within the wound. This is actually known as an abscess, a boil or even a furuncle. The exact kind of lesion that is present in the affected area will decide whether it is an abscess, boil or furuncle.

The affected area comes swollen and painful and drainage becomes common, making it constantly sore. As well as this you will also suffer from low blood pressure, fevers and chills. This is because once the staph has got into the blood it starts affecting different parts of the body and not just the area of skin that appears to be broken and sore.

  • Who gets it
Anyone is able to develop an infection like this; however, particular groups are often at a bigger risk. These people include newborn infants and breastfeeding women. People who have chronic conditions like vascular disease, cancer or diabetes are often at risk of the disease, too. People with skin injuries or disorders will be at a much greater risk of suffering from the staph infection as well. People with low immune systems will struggle to deal with the infection as well, and surgery on the wound and a lot of medication can often be necessary if the skin gets incredibly damaged.

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