What Does Mercer Skin Infections Look Like?


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Mercer is also known as MRSA which is a serious staph infection. You can catch it from another person by having direct contact with them especially if you have any open sores and it can also travel through the air. If you have contact with a person with MRSA you should wear gloves and a mask when around them and it is best to feed them with disposable plates, silverware and cups.
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You should know that mercer is not a name of any disease. This is wrong pronunciation of MRSA which are bacteria. These bacteria are resistant to many antibiotics and special antibiotics like vancomycin are used to treat them.

MRSA are contagious and can be transferred from infected person to healthy one especially if healthy person has any cut, wound, burn etc and come in direct contact with lesions of infected person or objects of his use like table, comb, hair brush etc. MRSA are also acquired from the hospitals.
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There are 2 major sources of transmission of MRSA. These are acquired majority of the times from the hospitals because people with infection are hospitalized there. Secondly, MRSA are acquired from community from infected people and objects. These bacteria are opportunistic because they are present on our skin without any harm but when skin has any cut, burn or wound, these cause infection. Special antibiotics are used to treat them.
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I would be unable to show you picutures here, but if you go to and enter medical condition mercer, there should be prompts to let you know how to find actual pictures
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I think you are referring to MRSA, and it is very contagious. As there is so much information on it, I think you should visit, and type it in there. Hope this helps, good luck.

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