I Have Low Grade Fever Past Two Months Please Tell Me Somebody What Is The Reason,temp Is 99.5,99.7,99.9?


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You have some sort of infection probably, you really should see your doctor.
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I have consult my doctor he done some blood test,they are normal like..haemoglobin,esr,crp,crv,urine routiene,thyroid...
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I'm not sure then. What did your doctor say? Maybe you might a 2nd opinion. Best wishes
it depends on what other sys-toms you have . Females can have body temps with menopause , first rule out infection see your doc.
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Symptoms is weakness and tiredness and i think menopause is not come in the age of 31 yrs.
All blood tests are normal no body infection anywhere dear.
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What else with the fever? Have your doctor run a blood test to check for viruses.God Bless
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Tiredness and weakness...............yes no any infection or viruses in the body,dear
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I have had fibro for 7ys. And I have(like others)had some really odd things happen with no real reason and no real harm done. I got a low grade fever, tired, and lost appetite in 4-07, I found out I had mono. As of two months ago I still have it very active in my blood tests, but I function okay. I am truly sorry I am unable to help you. Good luck and God Bless

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