My Daughter Has A Cold, Runny Nose,chesty Cough, And Fever, What Could It Be?


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I went through something quite similar kept taking my daughter to the doctor she had gotten to the point she couldn't even cry anymore and they kept telling me to give her the cold medicine it was just a cold... She got so severe I ended up having to take her to the emergency room where I was told she had asthma and developed pneumonia and had I waited any longer she could have died!
She was 8 months old at the time... I've learned that steam showers help, and cool mist humidifiers. She could have an upper respiratory infection which requires treatment with oral steroids or antibiotics!
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In my situation, I put a cool towel over head the oldfashion way. I use baby vicks for her cough and her stuffy nose. I have one of those cool vapors I put on when she goes to sleep.
I know it's hard to make her drink water, maybe use a tiny bit koolaid/tangoo just for flavor so she'll drink it. We wouldn't want her to dehydrate, just don't mix the drink to be sweet how we usually drink it. There are those icie pops you can give her to cool her down.  
um... Some of us Asian uses hard boil egg, are you familiar with it? We boil the egg until it's fully cooked. Let it cool till it's warm not too hot cause you're going to use it on the baby. Crack and peel the eggshell, roll the egg over the baby's forehead, chest and throat. Use 2 eggs. When the eggs turns cold or fallen apart you can stop. When you open to see the yellow there will be these tiny pimple-like bumps; it indicates the baby's sickness. The purpose is that the eggs sucks out the sickness. Don't use too often only once during her sickness days. HOpe this help, take care and be sure to get some rest for yourself too.
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it might be allergies.but with an infant you can try giving her childrens benadryle.and try giving her some pedilite as this will keep her hydrated milk will only make her more congested and flemy.good luck.

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