Is It Normal To Get A Fever With Fibromyalgia?


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I just found this page by typing in "Fibromyalgia fevers."  Looking at the responses here, it seems I am not the only one who runs low-grade fevers.  I'm using an ear thermometer, and one ear reads as 100.5 F; the other reads 100.7.  This happens a lot.  

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since 1999, and I've watched the online information grow and change as more people are diagnosed and more medical professionals recognize fibro as a real condition.

As time goes on, more symptoms are added, such as extreme sensitivity to light, sound and smell (touch was always one of the symptoms).  It just makes me feel less alone when I see that other people have some of the same symptoms I do.

By the way, when I was diagnosed, I had to fill out a 12-page questionnaire.  At the time, I wasn't yet getting disability and was very low on funds, so I could not photocopy the questionnaire.  I wish I had, because there are so many symptoms that are associated with fibro--not just the 18 tender points.  It was amazing how many of the symptoms matched up with the questionnaire.
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I am a health care professional and I don't care what doctors say ( I am a worthless nurse I guess) but I run a fever with it.  Sorry to those of you that say you don't .  Listen to the patients on here, quit looking up your answers in books.
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I do. Mostly they come as quick flashes but strong enough to interrupt my sleep. Off with the covers in a sweat, then chills. I believe this is associated with my fibro which I have endured well for 20 years. Yesterday my a.m. Temp was 97.2, so I knew I would have fever again in the night. Whether it is inflammation due to overwork, my extra sensitivity to weather change (very cold right now), a drop in thyroid hormone, I don't care, it is real.
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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a couple of months ago.  I've been through a batter of tests as I have not felt good for many years now.  I've been through a hysterectomy that I feel could have been avoided had I been diagnosed with fibro before the surgery.  I've been running a low grade fever  most days.  Now that I'm on meds, it seems I have more days without the fever than with the fever.  I also have days that I actually feel normal, although I have more days that I don't feel well.  I'm thankful to finally have a diagnosis, although it's a tough diagnosis to swallow.  I was beginning to feel that I was going crazy because the doctors couldn't find/fix the way I was feeling until this diagnosis.
I agree totally that doctors are way too busy and that they tend to NOT listen to their patients more than they do.  Glad I found this website.
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Yes, it is.  I have it and I treat all my symptoms through alternative care and NSAIDS.  The is a Fibromyalgia Network online help as well as Dr. Rodger Murphee's free help page.  Look for a local support group in your area.  They're normally full of wonderful people with wonderful ideas. Not everything works the same for everyone, but there's always something that will work for you.  Good luck to you.
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Fibro is a rheumatic, (arthritic) condition and I see a doctor a couple of times per year and have for 15 years. There is fever and joint pain.
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Can you tell me more about Dr. Murphree... What do you think and is it helping you???


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I've been going through hell for years. My doctor says nothing is wrong with me, but....
My symptoms only some (cause they are endless)
Fever 99.0 to 99.5, usually after I've been moving around
And sometimes a really low temp all in one day
My doc has agreed that I have all the tender points for fibro
I get the muscle pain constantly, joint pain, and unbearable headaches and fatigue
She says I also have IBS, but I'm really starting to think it might be crohns because it affects my throat too, but she refuses to do anything
And now I've been having this sinus problem for over a month, constant post nasal drip, again shes done nothing
My toes and feet turn white when it's cold, and become numb...
I mean I really feel crazy. I just wish my doctor would take my seriously, I guess I have to look for a new one. It's just so difficult, I mean I don't have unlimited vacation at work. This is just so stressful
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You have exactly the same issues that I do. The throat issues, ibs, fever ranging from 99 - 101, joint pain, skin pain on my chest and back (I didn't see that one on your post, but have you experienced that as well?) I've had just about ever test out there and the doctor says that everything is fine. He reluctantly put me on Librax and he might put me on nurontin (spelling?) but he told me it would be once a day. From what I have read it should be 3 x a day. Good luck to you.
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The toes and feet turning white sounds like raynauds. I have this also and my toes and fingers turn different shades of white,grey or blueish.
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Wow.  I'm glad I found this board, (I think)- I've had undiagnosed, smaller symptom fibro for years and for the last year it became full-blown, helping my doc diagnose it.  I had a bunch of life-changes in the last 2 months, and I caught a virus that they can't figure out that has lasted 5 weeks now, and the fevers won't stop!  I rarely get a fever for anything.  I had no idea fevers were a symptom of fibro.  That really stinks!  Although it at least explains why this craziness is happening for so long. Sigh.
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I have had fibromyalgia for years and it is an ongoing problem to treat. There is one test you can take. It has 18 pressure points, you have to react positive in 13 out of 18.a rumatoligist can preform this test. it can cause a lot of different symptoms for each person.  people don.t react the same towards medicine, or treatment. You have to find what best fits you.
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Doctors don't care!!!!!don't know!!!!! Their burned out!I really feel that a doctor should
only be allowed  about 10 yrs  to tend to patients... And  , yes I know we have a shortage problems>>>>>yes 1!!!!fever is a symptom.
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Yes you can run a low grade fever. Fibromyalgia has your muscles and nerve endings inflamed which is what causes the increase temp. You probably will have increase in pain as well.
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I seem to have the same issue with running fevers.  I'm also 7 weeks pregnant with my second child and have felt chills and feverish for the last week.  My temp is fluctuating between 99 and 99.9.  Even before I was pregnant I have noticed the same thing.
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Hi! My name is Wendy and while I'm writing this my temp is going up.

As I write, I have just been diagnosed with fibromayalga. But have had
these symptoms for quite a while, i get burning pain in my upper neck
arms and feet and am in constant pain, i dont sleep at night but
sometimes through the day i have no control over sleep and just nod off
all the time.

I am finding it painful to walk somedays and i dont do
chores around the house . Before i was diagnosed i thought i shouldn't be
like this I'm only just 53, now i know why and I'm trying to come to terms .

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I agree with  Elizabeth and the previous anonymous post.  I have been living with this terrible illness for about 9 years, diagnosed just 2 years ago.  And a low grade fever has been a Big part of it!! 

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What you are dealing with is not normal and could be related to something like fibromyalgia (just using this as an example only) or an autoimmune disorder such as Lupus (another example only).

I would recommend getting another opinion, preferably from somene that does not share the same office of the doctor you currently use.

Also, a consultation with an immunologist (a doctor that diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the immune system) or Infectious Disease (these doctors diagnose and treat infections that are sometimes hard for other doctors to find the cause of) might be an option as well to see what they think could be going on. Rheumatology (doctors that diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the bones and joints such as Lupus and fibromyalgia) might be a third specialty to consider for consultation because sometimes they can pick up on problems that may be more difficult for other doctors to diagnose. A good source is Fever remedies

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Fibromyalgia is a condition where there is chronic muscular pain with fatigue. It is usually not associated with joint pains or fever. Your fever and joint pains need further evaluation by an orthopaedic surgeon.
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Sorry, I have to disagree with you. It is most definitely a disease that effects the muscles and the joints, causing fever. I deal with it daily.
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I too disagree, your post sounds like a text book with no experience or first hand information. A very old text book. I also have had this disease for many years and though alot of symptoms are the same I have new ones all the time. I have been getting a fever now (99.9 to 100.4) this is a fairly new problem just the last year or so. I just found out that it is related to the fibromyalgia.

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