What Is A Low Grade Fever?


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In medical terms a low grade fever is the kind of fever that keeps fluctuating. This fever generally ahs the tendency to rise and then drop them back to low. It is more precisely defined and explains in medicine as a fever that does not exceed 38.5 degrees Celsius, which is approximately 101 degrees Fahrenheit. The finding of it is not considered, but it definitely occurs in numerous diseases, which could also be infectious and could also be autoimmune to malignant causes.
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What if you run fever after surgey ,and its almost been a week.   The fever really don't go away. What should you do?
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99.9 is a low grade fever thats what I be told.
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Then what does 96.0 mean? Have no concentration and am exhausted. L have fever blisters on my mouth and tongue...been sick since Friday October 23, 2009....while the vomitting has stopped...and the high temps...104.2 which came with hallucinations...still feel naseaus and dizzy...also don't know if l'm dreaming or awake. Any answers would be helpful
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Hi how r you ?

My daughter has 2 yeas ,,, her fever rise from 0.1  to 0.3 or 0.5 degree

then become normal at night .

Duration: From 3 weeks ago and still

what do you think about that?

And is it low grade fever?

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Hello. I have UTI but I did not go see a doctor. I instead drank plenty of fluids including cranberry juice. It has been 5 days now and the symptoms are still there. I also now have colds and a low grade fever. What should I do?

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