Can You Get AIDS From Sharing A Cigarette?


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No you can not unless that person was bleeding and their blood was on the cigarette and you also had an open wound on or around your mouth.
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No, absolutely not.  In health class we learned that their are only three ways to contract a std: Sex, blood, and breast milk.  I know this sounds gross but you could swim in your friends spit and still not contract the disease, I promise
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Probably not. HIV is spread through blood and body fluids. Saliva is not usually a form of transport, but why chance it?
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No there is no way you can get HIV positive or contract aids by sharing a cigarette.Even if the other person lips have cuts or fingers have bruises,you still wont be able to get aids.
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No you can't get it from sharing a cigarette any more than you would get it from sitting in her seat. Now while its not common for saliva to carry the virus it has been know to be passed that way as my doctor so lovingly pointed out to me the last time I saw her (I happen to be HIV positive). The HIV virus dies on contact with oxygen though and I think the whole cigarette thing is safe especially since I have shared cigs with several friends and they are all still negative. You can contract it in these ways blood going into an open wound on you, sex, sharing needles, and breast milk. There have been cases of it going through the saliva as I said but those have had to do with someone with HIV biting another person and drawing blood on that person.
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No you can hiv is only transmitted in 3 ways SEX, blood to blood and mother to child.
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You can not get HIV from sharing a cigarette because HIV is not in saliva.

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If you have a cut on your lip and they have a cut with blood on there lip yes    I wouldnt take the chance

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