True or false? Normal people can deal with people talking smack about them but people who have mental illnesses and/or mental retardation have a hard time coping with people talking smack.


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True, as they've got a hard time already trying to cope with everyday life/issues and relating to people, without having to endure or tolerate people being mean to them.The fact that they can't understand why this happens, only makes it worse for them.
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True. Normal people can handle it a lot better than people with mental issues. There's one episode of Law & Order: SVU and this kid with lead poisoning killed a guy because he was calling him stupid. Well it wasn't just that but that's what triggered it. Normal people don't like it, but they don't take it to the extremes
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Yeah I know that.. I do not care what you say about me.. I will not do anything to you or hurt you but some people with disabilities will fight the person who talked smack about them even if it is the truth.
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Yah. I think people with disabilities have problems taking criticism...even constructive criticism about something they did or made
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i think it's true and i see that with a friend who have a a mental retardation, so we couls read his mind by using some mentalism secrets and tricks.

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Too many words in your question that have no precise meaning---smack, mental illness, mental retardation, and coping to give an meaningful answer to this question.

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That's really vague.

Lots of normal people cannot deal with people talking smack at all, while there are some people with mental illness who can take it very well.

How much the mental illness affects the ability to cope with that would depend on the mental illness, some mental illnesses would indeed make it harder to cope. But "mental illness" and "normal people" and over-generalizing statements, I can't say it's outright "true."

In fact, some mental illnesses may cause people to not really care when people are talking smack about them.

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I'm one who doesn't care what people say. Especially if I know it's not true. Happens in school all the time

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First of all NEVER say that someone with mental health issues are not normal! That is so untrue and disrespectful to a fellow human being! Mental health issues are not a punishment nor does it make a person deserve to be categorized into "normal" and "not normal!" Hormones change people to! You ever been around a woman having major PMS? A young 12 year old who cries at the drop of a hat just because! How about a 9 month pregnant woman! You gonna categorize them as "not normal" as well? You are sadly mistaken and heartless! And to answer your question FALSE! It has nothing to do with how a person is gonna react if they are getting "talked smack about!"

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