Can You Get Hiv After Smoking A Blunt With Someone?


4 Answers

Rena Chisholm Profile
Rena Chisholm answered
Only if the HIV infected person gets blood on the blunt and you put it on your lips or somewhere  that you have an open wound or sore.
Muhammad Nadeem Profile
Muhammad Nadeem answered
No, you can not get HIV by sharing bong. It is transmitted by exchange of fluids, reuse of syringes and from infected mothers to fetus and nursing babies.
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Anonymous answered
The only way you can catch HIV from someone you shared a blunt with, is if you both have unprotected sex with each other and only then if one of you is HIV+.
Matilda Kunher Profile
Matilda Kunher answered

I agree with the answers above. HIV is transmitted through blood or sexually. Through a cigarette or the saliva can not get this disease. If you care about your health, I advise you to carry out HIV prevention. Study this article Prevention is better than cure. I think about what everyone should know about it. I regularly take tenvir to prevent this disease in my body.

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