Can You Catch Hepatitis B From Sharing A Cigarette?


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No, that’s not likely at all.

Hepatitis A is a food-borne virus, but hepatitis B is nearly always transferred through direct blood contact or the exchange of bodily fluids.

Unless there was blood on the cigarette and an open sore on your lip, it’s almost impossible for you to get hepatitis B from sharing a cigarette with someone. It’s much more easily transferred through sharing needles.

Hepatitis B is also a sexually-transmitted disease, so having unprotected sex is another way that you risk catching it. Hepatitis can cause a lot of damage – not just to your liver – so use a condom if you think your partner is infected!

The thing is, you can’t get hepatitis B from saliva, so unless there was infected blood or semen on the cigarette (let’s hope not!), you should be fine.
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For sure , I asked my doctor how I got it and he said the most common way people contract Hep B is from sharing cigarettes.
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When is there no chance of infection?

The hepatitis C virus is NOT found in sweat, saliva, tears and breath. Hugging, shaking someone's hand or eating and playing sports together do not carry any risks whatsoever.

You even can eat from an infected person's plate, share a cigarette or sit on the same toilet seat.

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