Can Black Mold Cause Fibromyalgia?


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Yes, black mold CAN cause fibromyalgia.  A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with fibro, then they found she was exposed to black mold.  So, her fibro IS treatable, as are the fibromyalgias caused by viruses and other illnesses.  Mine, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 15 years ago, has no apparent cause.  I've been doing everything else to treat it over the years, though; some more successful than others.
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I highly doubt it. Fibro is a syndrome caused by many conditions and usually brought on by a traumatic event. Anything is possible. God Bless
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Yes your response is very similar to the answer that I was given by my Rhuematalogist. The syndrome is brought on by some type of trauma.
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No, I think you guys need to do some research. Fibromyalgias caused by illnesses and exposure to things like black mold CAN be treated and cured. Those with no apparent cause cannot. That's why it's important to look for any causes of your symptoms.

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