Can Cancer Caused By Black Mold Be Treated? What Is The Survival Rate?


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Yes and thanks if you have mold or any such things in your home backed up sewage, you can its a possibility of getting cancer, I do not no what black mold is but I know in old houses and unsanitary basements can CAUSE HEALTH ISSUES my cousin died of cancer at 58,an I'm thinking the house may have had something to do with it
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Liquid zeolite and liposomal glutathione are commonly given where a person has been exposed to mould contamination. Most importantly - ensure any residence the affected person is living in has no mould or mycotoxins present - use scientific testing rather than a visual inspection. Use electric and not gas appliances.
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Mold is basically a type of fungus that can live in both indoors as well as outdoors. The moist areas are typically responsible for the growth of molds. There are various symptoms associated with black mold:

1. A chronic cough

2. Sneezing

3. Eye irritation

4. Persistent headaches

Sometimes, mold can lead to serious health issues and even death. It is very difficult to cure cancer caused by mold. It's better to have a mold testing of your house and remain protected from these kinds of dangers.

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Like most cancers there is no cure for cancer caused by black mold but there are some treatments as for the survival rate, it is just the same for any type of cancer.

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