Can Black Mold Cause Thyroid Problems?


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It is possible that mold can cause thyroid problems in people. This is because mold very commonly causes allergic reactions in certain people. 
There are a number of factors involved with mold to determine whether it causes issues with people’s health. Mold issues depend on a number of variables such as time exposed, the person’s sensitivity and other specific factors.
Being surrounded by moldy environments such as damp basements and wet working areas will certainly increase chances of a person developing problems with mold. There are a number of other issues than can be possibly traced back to moldy conditions.
Molds produce mycotoxins and spores that a person may come in contact with or inhale. This in turn causes issues with the immune system and is known to cause mold-related health concerns.
Other reactions attributed with mold beside thyroid problems include asthma, eye issues and respiratory problems. Mold can also cause fungal infections in people and problems are reported from many areas from the foot to the lungs caused by mold spores.
One of the best ways to treat issues with mold is to move out of the area that is full of mold and get it treated by a professional. While doing this it is best to attend a medical professional and explain any previous issues that you feel may be related to the mold.
It is best to give the immune system a rest and trying to build it up by maintaining a good diet and exercising regularly.
Mold itself is the cause of numerous problems and though not proven to directly be a cause of thyroid problems it is an attributable factor to a variation of illnesses. Living in a moldy environment can cause a number of concerns so the best thing to do is move away and get it removed.
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Yes you are absolutely right about that.Black mold does cause different types of thyroid problems like low levels of thyroid hormone or unstable thyroid functions.
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Yes, anything that causes the release of cytokines can cause goiter. It the case of mold spore exposure, cough gram stain often reveals pure monocytes or macrophages which show large vacuoles a sign of cell death which releases cytokines. Please read mold survivor and mold help for further confirmation. This is more common that the medical community wants to admit. It is kept hush hush by the wood products industry which has been building with sap wood and Oriented Strand Board since the late 70s with resultant profusion of sick building syndrome and mold. Chronic inflammation produced by mold can lead to cancer as well as the many carcinogenic mycotoxins produced by many different molds
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My sister just gave me some xmas decorations that had been stored in her basement and as I was checking them out I noticed there was black mold all over the this brought back the fact that as I was in her basement I noticed black mold on the basement walls(quite extensive)Last year she suffered from a thyroid problem which turned out to be cancerous.She had surgery to remove the thyroid and went through chemo-therapy.Is this in any way related according to your opinion?
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the extra ordinary factor I carry up are go on a diet, anxiety, and ecological toxins.  I heart on diet and tension to a larger amount, though one shouldn’t allow to go the likely healthiness risk of ecological toxin. And when talking about such toxins, one shouldn’t discount the outcome that meld can have on  thyroid health, and on our largely health as well.

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