I Recently Found Out I Have HPV An Precancerous Cells On My Cervix. They Told Me To Come Back In 6 That Normal? I Am Losing Alot Of Weight An Sleeping Alot Please Help An Let Me Know.


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I am dealing with the same thing and I had the option of freezing the precancerous cells or waiting and watching to see if it would clear up on its own. My first pap that I got was abnormal and they did a second one a couple months later to see if it got the same results. It did and they tested and found for certain the HPV. I had to go through a colposcopy(spelled wrong) to see how deep the HPV was and how bad it was. I didn't have too many precancerous cells. My doctor said that there is small percentage of a chance that it would clear up on its own. I didn't want to take the chance of it not so I had the cells frozen. I was told that freezing works about 95% of the time to get rid of the precancerous cells. You might want to go to a regular gynocologist and discuss having this procedure done.

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