When You Have A Cold, Is It Possible To Get Your Ears Clogged?


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If you have pain in your inner ears or if your temperature spikes, dear this could be signs of an infection. But often when we get a cold, the sinuses are a bit congested, and sometimes it happens that one's ear canals and hearing can be affected. A decongestant might bring you some relief or some hot tea. We used to drink chamomile tea, with a bit of honey just for our souls I suppose. If it continues to worsen, or if y'have pain, see your doctor promptly.

Here in the USA, I have found Sudafed Sinus (that's a brand name) is one medicine that contains a decongestant and it works for my older grandchildren beautifully. It comes in tablet or capsule form, and one can buy it at the market or drug store. Decongestants shrink the mucous membranes, and reduce sinus stuffiness caused by colds and flu. Remember, dear, that those people who have high blood pressure should not take decongestants, and should limit their alcoholic beverages if they use one. Always read the label thoroughly, and here's hopin you'll be feeling better soon.
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great addvise, it doesnt hurt or anything. ive tried cleaning it too and its all better for like 2 seconds. and wat is decongestant? Well as long as im not going deaf in one ear
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Yes,I've had clogged ears when a cold drains thick mucus runs down your throat when it drains and your ears just happen to be in the way,a good way to get rid of that thickness is to use a heat vaporiser in your room that helps when you have a cold so your sinuses don`t clog up.
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Yes, it is..when you have a cold it's easy to get fluid behind your ears..amoxicillin antibiotic will clear it up though.
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It all depends on the type of cold you have I mean you  might have a bad cold then it is possible
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