Is Diabetes Curable? What New Innovations Have Been Made Up To Now To Avoid Insulin Injections?


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No sadly there is no cure for diabetes but they are trying to come up with a cure now
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There is NO cure currently in the USA for diabetes. The only way to live with diabetes is to follow your doctor's orders, eat properly, exercise and maintain normal weight for your body frame. Avoid sweets and large amounts of starches. Test your blood sugar regularly and keep in mind that illness can make you test higher, as well as stress. I suggest you contact your local diabetes centre or hospital and take the class that the American Diabetes Program sponsors. It will give you a clearer idea of how to control your diabetes and live with it.
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No, diabetes is not curable, although with the right treatment, diet, exercise and continuous blood glucose testing it can be controlled. I'm talking about type 1 diabetes. I have had type 1 since the age of 2, I am now 44. I was on 5 shots a day, then 8 years ago I was put on a insulin pump. You still have a injection but every 2-3 days compared to daily injections. The insulin is drawn up in a Reservoir, then put in a small pump and the tubing is connected to a infusion set, that has a needle that gets injected then you pull the needle out . It is called continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy. Sounds complicated, but it is very easy to learn,and extreamly well worth it.
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I have type one I'm finaly going to pump class so i dont have to get as many shots. No cure.
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There is no known cure for diabetes. The good news is that remission is possible in many cases and can be as simple as making some lifestyle changes.

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Yes, this is curable but proper treatment and medication should be started at right time because it is easier to cure this disease if it is diagnosed at early stages.

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