What Are Steroids, And Why Would A Doctor Prescribe Them To A 2 Year, 10 Month Old Boy With Allergies And 2 Inner Ear Infections?


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Steroids are a high-powered version of antibiotics. If earlier treatments of traditional antibiotics did not work, this might well be the next step. They are !not! Intended for long-term use, and can have long-term effects. They do need to be stopped gradually once they have worked, but they aren't "addictive" in the sense illegal drugs are. Your pharmacist can give you more specifics. Have you asked your doctor these questions? He may be willing to try something else as well.
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I took steriods for a skin condition when I was a baby and it burned my face. Now my skin
is still very sensitive to the sun and gets rashes. If your child shows signs of discomfort to the treatment then sto[p.

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