Diseases Caused By The Cockroach And Symptoms And How To Cure Them?


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There are a number of diseases and conditions that can be caused by a large infestation of cockroaches in the home. Although the cockroach does not necessarily carry the disease itself, as it has a hairy body and legs it can spread infection easily and that is why it can spread diseases.
Over 30 diseases can be spread by cockroaches. These include e coli, salmonella and dysentery. As a result of a large infestation of cockroaches in your walls at home, this may actually cause asthma in young children who are very sensitive to allergens. This can be caused by the build-up of the faeces in the walls that can then become airborne.
The symptoms of e-coli can be recognized by following this checklist:
•Diarrhoea- this can often be bloody
•Stomach cramps
The disease can be cured by staying well hydrated and taking rehydration salts. In more serious cases the individual may be given antibiotics by a doctor or may even be admitted to hospital.
The symptoms of salmonella are very similar to those for e-coli infections and will be treated in a similar way by doctors.
The symptoms for dysentery include:
•Watery diarrhoea- may contain mucus, pus or blood
•Nausea or vomiting
•Fever and chills
•Severe abdominal pain

Depending on the type of dysentery the individual is diagnosed with, they may be advised to replace lost fluids by taking rehydration salts and plenty of liquids. In more severe cases they may be prescribed an antibiotic called metronidazole.

The spread of disease and infection by cockroaches can be prevented by keeping a house clean and washing all surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner. Make sure hands are washed thoroughly after using the toilet and before preparing food. If you do suggest a big infestation of cockroaches in your home, get in touch with a pest control company that gets rid of the bugs.

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