What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Gallbladder Disease?


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Gallbladder disease can be very painful in the lower mid abdomen slightly to the right and very pronounced. The gallbladder itself is inflammed or has developed stones in it. You may also have a acidic taste in your mouth or start vomiting what looks acidic. You will also possible run a fever with it. Should these symptoms appear talk to your Dr. Because it can rupture and get serious.
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1) regular & severe pain in the upper abdomen last from 30 minutes to may hours.
2) Nausea & Vomiting
3) bloating
4)Gas & indigestion
5) Back pain between two shoulder with slightly higher pain under right shoulder.
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My pain is on the right side by the rib cage. It has now started hurting in my right shoulder blade, and it hurts really bad when I take a deep breath or stand up straight, and feels better when I sit down, but hurts when I lay down a like sick to my stomach but can hold down food it did come on all of a sudden and I have never had this pain before
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Gallbladder disease can present itself in different manners in various patients. Most people experience right upper abdominal discomfort and it is usually in waves meaning it comes and goes. Flatulence, (gas) symptoms of indigestion, nausea, sometimes vomiting. There are times when the pain radiates from the upper abdominal area through to the back and is sometimes located in the middle of the shoulder blades in the back. Certain foods will cause symptoms in people.
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Great pain, usually starts off by feeling of nausea early evening and continues into contraction like acute pains between the breasts and upper back between shoulder blade areas. Usually lasts for several hours before subsiding. More common in women ( 25 pc) than men (10pc) ,, fair, fat fertile and forty are more likely characteristics for gall bladder disease.
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I have a lot of bad smelling gas. Pain in the back at times, and sharp pain in the front but not very often and doesn't last long. I have been told that I have a fatty liver no biopsy no gallstones have frequent pain and discomfort in the gallbladder area . Have had colonoscopy, edg, tolld I had an bacterial infection in my small intestine took antibiotics may have helped a little but came back. Heartburn no nausea or vomiting some chest pain no heart problem checked by heart cath .
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After the gallbladder is remove will stones come back
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I have the following symptoms:
I feel a lump in my throat
I have pain from the center of my back to my sternum all on the right side of my torso
Pain in my right upper shoulder
The pain is constant and has lasted for about 4 days
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There are many gallbladder diseases and Asymptomatic cholelithiasis, Biliary Colic, Cholecystitis, Choledocholithiasis and Biliary pancreatitis are some of them but when we talk about gall bladders symptoms, it is clear that gall bladder symptoms are inconstant because gall bladders symptoms are founded when Doctors check or test the patient but, in typical gall bladder attack, patient feel pain under the rib cage.

This pain is very hurting and, sometimes, caused vomiting and its timing is also more than 30 minutes. (From 15 minutes to some hours). This pain is normally due to eat a healthy meal.

Cholestasis occurs when there is an obstacle in our liver and blocks the supply of bile towards the digestive tract.Biliary colic is basically due to the gallstone which blocks the regular bile duct which is going through the gallbladder.

Cholecystitis is also because of gallstones which blocked gall bladder and takes the shape of a gall bladder disease.Gall bladder cancer is an uncommon disease but it counted as deadly disease.There are more than 90 (ninety percent) people are dying from gall bladder cancer.

Choledocholithiasis, there are stones which pass through a common gallbladder bile duct but, sometimes, the stuck on the way with bile duct leading to jaundice and caused the disease which we know the name of Choledocholithiasis.Biliary pancreatitis' common pain consists of mind abdominal and caused vomiting.

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