What Does A Swollen Lymph Node Look Like?


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A swollen lymph node looks like, as the name suggests, a swollen area of the affected body part, often the neck, armpit or groin.If the lymph node that is affected is near the surface of the skin then a noticeable bump of around half an inch to over two inches appears. However, lymph nodes that aren’t near the surface of the skin can swell, can only be noticed because of the pain and would require medical assistance to diagnose. Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system. They filter urine and catch viruses and infections. They are often described as being about the same size as a bean or pea. Sometimes, these lymph nodes could become infected by the bacteria that it caught and is attempting to eradicate. A swollen lymph node can mean one of two things. If it is only slightly enlarged and painful, typically less than one inch across, then this means that the lymph node is succeeding to fight off the infection. The larger the lymph node, the more serious the infection. If the lymph node is larger than two inches then it is failing to fight off the infection. In this case, you are advised to go to the doctor to get it checked out and get medication if required. It is also recommended that you should go to the doctor if the enlarged lymph nodes stay enlarged for more than two weeks. Occasionally a swollen lymph node in your neck can hamper your breathing. In this case it is very important that you go to hospital or your doctor straight away because if it swells any further, you could be in serious respiratory trouble. Lymph nodes sometimes swell because the infection that they are fighting takes hold of the node and causes inflammation.
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Lymph nodes are small glands which are present all through the body and are responsible for transporting nutrients and waste material. A swollen Lymph node is a result of an injury, tumor or infection.
I suppose you want to see what it actually looks like, here is a link that might help;
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My doctor said I have a swollen lymph node under my right arm. It could be causing me to feel the aches and pain in my elbows, knees, and hands?
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An over sized walnut under the skin usually sore and hard to the touch takes a few days to get rid of with the right medicine prescribed by a doctor, a lot of water, a lot of rest, advil, and ice. That is pretty much all you can do to cure it.
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Your lymph nodes usually swell up in 3 areas: Under the armpit (or axilla), groin and neck. You can find an image of these areas here.

You can find an image of a an actual swollen lymph node here.
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I had a lump removed several years ago from my left arm pit. It was not cancerous, I was told it was abnormal breast tissue. I have had tenderness and swelling in that arm pit for some time now. No one can tell me what is causing it or doing anything for it. Can you tell me why?
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You have lymph nodes there, as well as your neck. If they are swollen, it's a sign you have an infection.

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