What Do Lymph Nodes Look Like?


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Lymph nodes are distributed all over the body and are essential for the functioning of the immune system. In their normal state, lymph modes can vary in size from a few millimetres to a couple of centimetres in length. They are bean-shaped too, and are surrounded by a fibrous capsule. Lymph nodes are small organs that can be noticed particularly in the throat, armpit and stomach and act as filters for foreign particles to the body. The cells in lymph nodes, lymphocytes, produce macrophages and antibodies which digest the foreign particles as they pass into the nodes. This shows how the lymph nodes act as cleaners of the body.

The lymph nodes themselves can be used to diagnose certain diseases as they affect the nodes in a certain location with a set consistency. Every human has approximately 500 to 600 lymph nodes located across their body, and the majority of clusters are found in the groin, chest, abdomen, neck and underarms. 

Enlarged lymph nodes, Lymphadenopathy, are the body’s way of showing that something is wrong. If lymph nodes become swollen, it can be a sign of something common like a throat infection or something far more serious, such as cancer. They can also be a symptom of inflammation from an infection or a virus. Often they can still feel enlarged after recovering from a previous disease or infection.

Other symptoms that individuals may have alongside enlarged lymph nodes include those similar to a cold or flu, a skin infection, coughs or general swelling around the body. It is important to seek medical advice if the nodes are swollen for a prolonged period of time and if there are also signs of fever, weight loss, fatigue or skin inflammation.
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They are little ( 5 mm) bumps found along chains of lymph channels throughout your body.  Whe they detect infection, the swell to about 10 mm in diameter.
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This is an excellent internet site to find pictures of lymph nodes:


(if the complete URL isn't there, after the .com, type in:


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