What Does It Mean To Have Swollen Lymph Nodes In Your Lungs?


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If you have problems with your lymph nodes you should see your doctor immediately, if they are enlarged there could be problems which you might need a CT scan and PE scan in order to find out what the problem is.

The lymph nodes are an important piece of the body's jigsaw as they are responsible for fighting infection. If there is an infection in the lungs this means that there is a real likelihood that you have enlarged lymph nodes.

It could be a sign of possible cancer symptoms if you have enlarged lymph nodes in the lungs which is why you should immediate medical advice.

If you have any signs of enlarged nodes in the neck or groin it might also lead to visible signs of infection rather than cancer. Other causes of lymph node enlargement include sarcoidosis or lupus, which can also occur in other areas of the body.

You should also be wary of any medication you are taking or allergies which also may cause lymph node enlargement.

There are however, other types of cancer that is linked to lymphoma. This may occur not only in the lungs but also in the throat breast or even neck. There is a real danger of the lymph nodes becoming enlarged in the armpits which may also lead to the lungs becoming damaged.

If you need to find out whether or not you have lymph node enlargement then one of the best tests you can get your doctor to perform is a lymph node biopsy. If the test results come back and they are positive then a series of tests will be carried out on the biopsy material in order to discover which particular lymphoma you have been diagnosed with.
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Swollen lymph nodes are usually related to infection and or inflammation.If you have been sick recently this could be the cause. You will need to discuss the possible causes with your physician, and make sure he keeps an eye on them. If they do not return to normal size within a reasonable amount of time, please have your physician recheck them.
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My grandfather went to the Dr. Today and was told his CT scan came back abnormal and suggestive of possible Malignancy. Does this mean cancer? Also next they want to do a PET scan in a few days. Why is that? His letter he came home with included "Further treatment options would include PET scan, CT guided bio spy, Brochoscopy with biopsy, or referral to cardiothoracic surgon for possible mediastinoscopy/VATS biopsy to definitive diagnosis. Can you tell me if this is saying they know he doesen't or does have cancer and what are they running all these test for, not determin cancer or not. They found a spot 6 months ago on his lung and its grown 2cc since and they said his lymph nodes are swollen.
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Had a swollen lymph node in lung 6 months later C T looked as if inflammation was in location. Should there be a real concern?. Was told to have another CT in 3 months
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Lymph nodes are swellings of lymphatic system and contain lymph. Lymph nodes are present all over the body on different location. These lymph nodes swell when ever there is infection in their surrounding. Lymph nodes near lungs can swell due to infection in lungs or also due to cancer. So go for other investigations about the diagnosis.
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My father went to his doctor after having a severe cold and coughing persisting over a period of weeks-  he was told that he has swollen lymph nodes in his lungs.  What does this mean?
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My daughter has swollen lungs what does this mean please
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My brother has several spots in his lung..and his lymph nodes are swollen..What does this mean? Can medications for blood pressure cause swelling?

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