Is It Normal To Have Pain Where Your Scar Is Six Months After C-section?


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It can do because when you are cut open and then stitched back up scar tissue forms and can pull and it hurts really bad. I know first-hand because I had surgery to remove my gallbladder three years ago and sometimes I still get some pain due to scar tissue pulling.
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Depends on the type of pain (sharp, pulling, stitching, etc.) that you are experiencing...

Sometimes the internal healing can include some complications with the messentary tissue internally. This will cause situational discomfort and pain. Talk with your health care provider about flexibility excerises and stretches that will correct this discomfort.
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I can be. Have you been using any Vitamin E on the Scar it help keep to much scarring from occurring. Check with your OB Doctor if you feel it is not getting better.

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