What Could Cause Me To Get A Quick, Sharp Pain In The Back Of My Thigh?


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That’s a tricky one - without more information, I can’t really tell you what’s causing the pain. However, if your thigh looks normal from the outside, the problem’s probably caused by muscle strain.

What Muscle Could It Be?
If the back of your thigh is hurting, it’s probably a hamstring. These injuries are very common, particularly among soccer players.

Intense exercise is the most common cause of hamstring injuries, although it’s still possible that you hurt yours in some other way!

How Can I Stop It Hurting?
Time is the best cure. You’ll want to rest it, though, and avoid doing anything that could cause further damage.

Anti-inflammatories might help if the pain is muscular. You could also try rubbing Deep Heat on the area - if you can tolerate the smell, this is great for relieving muscle pain!

What Else Could Be Causing Pain In The Back Of My Thigh?
It’s possible that you’ve damaged a nerve, but you’d probably have a pinching or tingling pain if that was the case.

If there’s warmth, swelling and redness (as well as pain) you could have a blood clot - it’s unlikely, but you should still get it checked out if the pain doesn’t stop within a few days.
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If you are a very active person, I suggest you might put some heat on it and massage it for a while. See if that helps. If it continues, I would then go and see a doctor.

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