What Causes Extreme Pain Before A Bowel Movement?


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Plenty of water helps especially if you have too much fiber in your diet. You may not be constipated but are you having hard stools or are they "soft?" Water helps with lubrication and "ease." Everyone has bowel contractions, these help move the stool thryour intestines. Yours could be worse that others. Also, do you have any other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or gastroenteritis? These conditions can cause pain as well. I, too, have had a partial but don't experience what you do. I have had, and still do on occasion, have gastroenteritis and that is painful in itself, let alone in a BM! Of course, everyone is different but I would say it has to do with the 1st few answers I gave. I would suggest to consult with your Dr. Good luck!
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Wonder if it's scar tissue wrapping around your intestines.....I was told since I have had two abdominal surgeries I'm at an increased risk for this and I myself am wondering if this is why I have such intense pain in my abdomen before a bowel movement or when stretching or twisting too quickly....just a thought you might ask your doctor or gynecologist .. I'm going to ask to have mine checked out..
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It's really difficult to say what it is, it might not really have anything to do with the partial hysterectomy at all. I strongly suggest you get it checked out, as there could be a chance that there is something terrible happening. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Tramadol  seems to cause a pain in your butt right as you start till the end...why don't know.and of all things it takes other pain away.....BUTT you got that.

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